Now there's Life Insurance with Apple Watch® Series 3

Help clients protect their families, get active, and get rewarded.
When your clients buy life insurance with the John Hancock Vitality Program, they can earn an Apple Watch Series 3 for as little as $25! It's a great way to provide them with motivation to live a healthy life and a tremendous sales opportunity for you.

What Apple Watch Series 3 can mean to you!

New sales opportunities
Now, even more clients can get an Apple Watch Series 3 because it's available on all permanent and term policies with John Hancock Vitality.

Build relationships
Apple Watch Series 3 clients are highly engaged in the program, taking 2,000 more steps per day.1 And with every healthy achievement, it's an opportunity for you to keep the conversation going.

More referrals than ever
Apple Watch Series 3 is one of the many reasons customers are recommending John Hancock Vitality almost twice as often as people who own traditional life insurance policies.2

How it works

Clients order Apple Watch Series 3 for an initial payment of $25 plus tax.

Monthly payments are then based on the number of Vitality Points they earn each month from Standard or Advanced Workouts, over a 24-month period.

The more points they earn through regular exercise each month, the less they'll pay for their Apple Watch.

The Vitality Points they earn along the way can lead to additional rewards and discounts, as well as savings on their annual life insurance premium.

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1. Based on John Hancock Vitality member experience since inception in US, April 2015.

2. John Hancock's Net Promotor Score Data, reported from Clarabridge April 2017.