Program Overview

With John Hancock Vitality life insurance, there are two great ways your clients can save money and earn rewards for living healthy. Vitality GO is a basic "be healthy" version of the program that's included on all our flagship products — at no additional cost. And Vitality PLUS is the full rewards version that you already know.
Vitality GO
Healthy living tips, resources, and rewards
Included on all our flagship products at no additional charge, your clients can enjoy:

Chances to win discounts on for their healthy achievements

Savings on fitness devices
Savings on healthy gear

Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter and Live More magazine
Expert nutrition and fitness resources
Easy-to-use app and website with health-related resources

Clients can upgrade to Vitality PLUS at any time during the first 25 months and automatically transfer their Vitality GO status and points to earn premium savings and even greater rewards.

Vitality PLUS 
Significant premium savings and rewards for living healthy
Add Vitality PLUS to your client’s policy for as little as $2 a month1, and they can receive:

Up to 15% in annual premium savings

Apple Watch® Series 3 or Series 4 for as little as $25
Exclusive discounts at 350,000 eligible properties worldwide

Up to $600 in healthy food savings
Free 12-month subscription to Headspace®
Shopping and entertainment rewards

Complimentary Fitbit and wearable device and healthy gear discounts
Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter and Live More magazine
A one-year Amazon Prime membership when they reach Platinum Status three years in a row

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How it works

See how easy it for your clients to earn rewards and savings with Vitality GO and Vitality PLUS!

Earn Vitality Points

Your clients can earn Vitality Points for the everyday things they do to be healthy, like exercising, eating well, and getting annual check-ups.

Achieve a Vitality Status

The more Vitality Points they accumulate, the higher their Vitality Status (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

Enjoy Rewards

The higher their Vitality Status, the greater their rewards and discounts.

Vitality GO and Vitality PLUS Webinar

In 11 minutes, hear about how we’ve made it easier for you to help all your clients live longer, healthier lives.
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For more information, contact us at 1-888-266-7498, option 2 or visit


1. For John Hancock Term policies with the optional Vitality rider, the cost for Vitality PLUS is 3% of your annual premium and for Protection SIUL policies, the cost for Vitality PLUS rider is $4.00 a month.
The discounts, HealthyMind benefit (including Headspace), Amazon discounts and Amazon Prime membership benefit are not available in New York.
REI is not affiliated with the John Hancock Vitality Program. REI does not sponsor, endorse or have any responsibility for this promotion.

If your clients elect to upgrade to Vitality PLUS and their term policy has a face amount less than $2 million, they are only eligible to earn an Apple Watch (or get a complimentary Fitbit device or wearable device discount), discounts, plus a 10% HealthyFood discount, the free 12-month subscription to Headspace, shopping and entertainment gift cards, and — in the first program year only — a free health check. Policies with face amounts of $2 million and above are eligible for the full suite of rewards and discounts.