Rewarding Healthy Living

Help your clients earn valuable rewards, discounts and premium savings simply by living a healthy life.

The new Accumulation IUL with Vitality

With unmatched income potential, greater downside protection and the unique benefits of the John Hancock Vitality Program, the new Accumulation IUL delivers more value for you and your clients. Learn more.

A Powerful Life Insurance Solution for People with Diabetes

John Hancock is the only company to offer a life insurance solution that allows people with diabetes to save money and get rewarded for the everyday things they do to manage their diabetes. Learn more about how it's a great solution for you and your clients.

Electrify your sales
with Protection UL

With newly extended guarantees and some of the lowest rates in the industry, Protection UL offers a lifetime of affordable security. And with benefits like the John Hancock Vitality program and the Critical Illness Benefit rider, it’s even better.

New guaranteed level Term that offers savings every step of the way

John Hancock's guaranteed level term product now offers an optional Vitality rider that rewards your clients for healthy living. No other U.S. life insurer offers a term solution that gives your clients the opportunity to lower their premiums and earn valuable rewards and discounts. Learn more.

Proven Success with John Hancock Vitality

Find out why you should start selling Vitality today! It’s adding real value to client relationships, driving sales and helping you grow your business, by:

  • Changing the conversation and making it about living
  • Saving your clients money and helping them earn valuable rewards
  • Having meaningful discussions throughout a client's lifetime
  • Generating referrals and leads