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We're making it easier for you to help clients live longer, healthier lives with John Hancock Vitality life insurance.

John Hancock Vitality included on all our flagship products!

All your clients can be rewarded for living healthy with two great versions of the John Hancock Vitality program, Vitality GO and Vitality PLUS.

Now, it’s easier than ever for you to:

  • Present Vitality on all your cases
  • Give all your clients the type of life insurance they prefer
  • Sell and recommend John Hancock Vitality
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace

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Vitality GO

Vitality GO, a basic version of the program is included on all our flagship products – at no additional cost. Explore the benefits of Vitality GO

Vitality PLUS

This is the full rewards version of the program that you already know and can be added to your client’s policy for as little as $2 a month.1 It offers the new Apple Watch Series 5, discounts from Hotels.com, and an Amazon Prime membership. Explore the benefits of Vitality PLUS

Two great versions of the John Hancock Vitality Program!

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1. For John Hancock Term policies with the optional Vitality rider, the cost for Vitality PLUS is 3% of your annual premium and for Protection SIUL policies, the cost for Vitality PLUS rider is $4.00 a month.
2. Available to members who have reached Platinum Status for 3 consecutive Program Years.

If your clients elect to upgrade to Vitality PLUS and their term policy has a face amount less than $2 million, they are only eligible to earn an Apple Watch (or get a free Fitbit device or wearable device discount), Hotels.com discounts, a 15% discount at HealthyGear, plus a 10% HealthyFood discount, the free subscription to Headspace, shopping and entertainment gift cards, and — in the first program year only — a free health check. Policies with face amounts of $2 million and above are eligible for the full suite of rewards and discounts.
The Hotels.com discounts, HealthyMind benefit (including Headspace), Amazon discounts and Amazon Prime membership benefit are not available in New York.
* LinkedIn promoted post statistic based on consumer survey conducted by John Hancock Insurance from 7/17/17 to 8/11/17.